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Partner Agencies

Some of the additional work we are involved with, as well as providing mainstream temporary shared accommodation, is to assist other organisations by providing temporary accommodation for those individuals who may just need that extra helping hand; perhaps at a particular time in their life.

Although we do not provide ‘supported accommodation’ per say, we do work closely with a number of support agencies and we have developed a very well established and much respected reputation for assisting individuals who may, perhaps due to their personal circumstances at a particular time, be of a more vulnerable nature.

Across the region, in some of our properties we have been able to carefully integrate individuals who have been referred to us via one of a number of agencies with whom we enjoy a successful and well established working relationship. Our properties are very much a home from home and an integral part of the immediate community therefore individuals who are not able to prosper in that kind of environment, or who’s support needs are higher, would not be considered appropriate for the accommodation we are able to provide.

We consider each referral or application upon its own merits and although in some cases we are not able to assist, we have been able to help in a great many cases, and in particular for genuine people who’s lives have taken an unexpected turn. Examples of this are; people who have lost their home and had to fend for themselves; people where overcrowding in their family home has meant that they have had to seek an alternative place to live and other examples such as individual’s who have had to flee domestic violence.

We work with several charities and organisations and we constantly endeavour to work wherever possible to work in partnership to secure suitable accommodation.

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